Reading Challenge: From All About {n}

I have a couple holiday-related books that I've been saving on my TBR for a good, old fashioned wintery day. Well, it's already snowed here TWICE (it's melted for now, but it won't be long!) and I've heard some too-cheery songs in stores. This can only mean one thing: Christmas is coming!

I kinda of a huge dork for Christmas. I love decorating my tree, hanging the stockings, having fabulous dinner parties, shopping for and exchanging gifts. It's all fun to me. But, I've never been one to read much that's specifically holiday fare. In fact, the only book that comes to mind when I think of Christmas reads is David Sedaris's Holidays on Ice. I read it every year.

So it's with Sedaris's sarcastic cheer that I join in on this reading challenge. I have a couple of titles in mind, including the short story collection Let It Snow and Lisa Schroeder's Far From You (which is told in verse).

The guidelines for this challenge are pretty loose (you can choose anywhere from 1-5 books) and the parameters are pretty clear: Some sort of winter holiday needs to be central to your book choice(s). The challenge ends on Dec. 31st, which gives us all plenty of time to get into the holiday spirit!

For more details, see the challenge desription and sign up page at All About {n}.