About Me

I am a reader. I read every day. I carry a book with me everywhere I go. Whenever a friend is late for lunch or if I have to stand in line, I pull out whatever book I'm reading and pick up where I left off.

That said, I am also a teacher. I teach English to students who are typically classified as "reluctant" readers. What does this term mean? Well, as it turns out, I like a challenge and these students tend to challenge my ability to find a book that will make them readers. I have a fairly high success rate (as measured by the hoards of young adults who are now avid readers), but am always looking for more great books to entice my students. It's my life's mission.

When I am not teaching and reading, I am a wife and a mother to a handsome dog. I love my little family and enjoy spending time with them more than anything else.

I hope that you find the information, book reviews, and bookish material on this blog helpful. Feel free to contact me with questions or suggestions.

Email: mrsderaps@hotmail.com