Author Guest Post: Anna Levine, Author of Freefall

Anna Levine's Freefall takes place in Isreal, where all teens complete mandatory military service. I was intrigued by this setting and this culture, so I asked Ms. Levine to explain her choice to set her book in this locale. Here's what she had to say:

Israel is my inspiration. I’ve lived here for years, but still don’t get it. When I wander through the streets of Jerusalem (inevitably getting lost because the roads twist and turn on each other) I am overwhelmed by the sights, sounds, smells and commotion. I love the way the populations mix and go about their business in the most normal way possible. I guess I want to capture the magic of this city which gets a lot of bad press, but if you live here you realize how the people, the culture and the flavors all blend together.  

I use Israel as my setting because I live here and want to capture the pulse of the country, but in truth, I write about characters, about teens struggling to find themselves, assert their individuality, find love and acceptance among their friends and family, like teens do everywhere.