Book Review: This World We Live In

I started reading this series last February. Big mistake. Maine is too cold, too much snow, too much like the world of the book. So, I decided that I had better hurry up and read the second and third books in this series before I became buried again--and feeling like I was going to perish in a post-apocalyptic nightmare.

Now that I am finished with the third and final book of this series, I am not feeling settled. The weather is still unpredictable, there is more chaos than order, and I don't feel like the characters are completely safe. Basically, all of the stress and concern I had for the characters in this book, who feel so much like my students and neighbors, is not gone. The messed-up America of this book is it. It's not that good and is not getting better anytime soon.

So why read it? Because of the characters. If you feel as in love with Miranda from Life As We Knew It and/or Alex of The Dead and the Gone, you'll want to read more about them. Because their stories and their lives cross in this final book. It kinda feels like a weird blind date, where you played cupid. Two totally different personalities, totally different experiences in the world of this book combine in this last chapter.

It is an interesting story, if a little implausible. But, I guess that we need to stretch our imagination muscles already to envision a world where the moon is so close to the earth but yet people and electricity survive. It's an impossible but believable story. And I wish that there were another.

**Read and reviewed as part of the YAD2 Dystopian Lit Reading Challenge**