Review Policy

I maintain and update this blog because I love to read and review YA books. I am not interested in profiting from this blog, but I am open to reviewing books sent to me by publishers and authors.
Books I Enjoy
I read a wide variety of YA fiction and nonfiction for this blog. I love several genres, but will read most genres as long as a book qualifies as YA. Why? Because I share my books with a diverse group of students after I am finished reading and reviewing them. So, I am open to reading and reviewing most YA books. I am not accepting e-books at this time, as I have no e-reader.

Book Reviews
As much as possible, I will read and review any book sent to me in a timely fashion. I read every day, but sometimes get a little overwhelmed between books that I purchase and ones that are sent to me. I teach full time and am a graduate student (until May 2011!), so my schedule is very full. That said, I am committed to reviewing books as soon as I possibly can. 
I will try to review your book as close to the release date as I can. Sometimes, this might fall a week before or after. I want to help you to promote your book, so please know that I have the best of intentions. 

Honesty is the Best Policy

I truly believe that there are readers for every book. Whether or not I love a book, I will be honest and fair when reviewing it. I usually try to keep my reviews and thoughts positive when reviewing a book, because I know that there is a readership for every author. Also, I may not love a book but will certainly have students who will. I will be honest in my thoughts, but never malicious or overly negative.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions about my review policy, please contact me at: