The Holiday #Readathon: Sign Up

This perfect! Just this morning, I was asked if I would proctor the SATs this coming Saturday. Well, I am not a huge fan of this assessment, but like to use it as a great time to catch up on reading. It's a solid five hours of very little to do, so it's perfect for a readathon. Except, there were none scheduled that I knew of for this weekend. SURPRISE! I just discovered one at the WhoRuBlog!

The Holiday #Readthon starts tomorrow and last through Sunday. I don't have tons of time to read until Saturday, but I usually manage to find a couple hours every day to read. So, I should be able to knock a few more reads of off my 2010 TBR list before the New Year. Yippee!

I hope to read/ finish these books (but who knows what I'll actually accomplish):

 The Bite of the Mango by Mariatu Kamara, Monsters of Men by Patrick Ness 
and Shade by Jerri Smith-Ready

We'll see what happens!