The Holiday #Readathon: Challenge #1

The YA Addict is hosting a mini-challenge for the Holiday #Readathon. For it, she's asking us to imagine how a character in our book would celebrate the holidays.  The prize for this challenge is the lucky winner's choice of one book from the Book Depository. Sounds awesome, right?

The book I'm reading right now is called Trickster's Girl and it's written by Hilari Bell. The main characters, Kelsa, is basically fighting to save the environment of her futuristic world from a tree plague. Therefore, I can absolutely guarantee that she would not be cutting down any pine trees to decorate!

In fact, I picture her celebrating in a much more environmentally-friendly manner. She'd probably be the type to volunteer her time and energy to clean trash off the side or roads or to end replant marshlands to prevent erosion of swamplands.

And, her father is deceased. Kelsa also seems to want to avoid her mother at all costs, so I bet that she'd prefer to be alone on this day, or to hang out with some of her paranormal/ mythological buddies. Not Santa, but maybe Dendritus, the Greek Goddess of Trees. That sounds like a good holiday friend for Kelsa!