Book Spooks: Cast Your Villian

WORD for Teens is holding a hugely awesome Halloween event. It runs everyday until Halloween, and there are going to be all sorts of bookish events. One of the activities that they have planned is the Cast Your Villain challenge. If you participate, you could win TWO books; The Body Finder and Desires of the Dead.

To enter, simply choose a villain from one of your favorite reads. Then, find an actor (or actress) who should play that role in the movie version of your book. I've chosen to cast Mayor Prentiss of the Chaos Walking series. I am currently reading Monsters of Men and feel like I have a good picture of this evil, controlling man in my mind. Here he is:

Malcolm McDowell as Mayor Prentiss
Doesn't he look scary? Even when he's happy? That's the kind of man we need to play Mayor Prentiss, the king of evil and manipulation. This actor is no stranger to playing evil characters. He starred in the film production of A Clockwork Orange, which is easily one of the most disturbing book-to-movie that I've ever seen. But, this had better happen soon, as Mr. McDowell is getting older by the minute. Quick, someone cast him for this role!