Book Review + Swag Giveaway: Beautiful Creatures by Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia

Beautiful Creatures is a Southern Gothic novel of epic proportions. It is complicated and intertwines Civil War era history and paranormal activity in with a modern teen romance.

Ethan and Lena meet in a thunderstorm of nightmarish proportions. Ethan has just lost his mom and Lena has never known hers. They are a motherless pair, and the quickly become inseparable. But, Ethan is from one world and Lena is from another. Ethan's world is filled with Southern tradition, sports, and traditional Southern Belles. Lena's world is filled with mystery and magic. But, when these two get together, it's impossible to ignore the almost visible sparks.

The only thing that can keep these star-crossed lovers apart? The fact that Lena is turning 16. Seems innocuous, yes, but in Lena's world, 16 is an age where you find out whether you're Light or Dark. Either way, Lena and Ethan are not sure what the future holds for them.

*   *   *
This plot is even more complicated than I'm making it out to be in this review. That's because this tale is masterfully told. It's like it's an historical novel, a murder-mystery, a paranormal tale, and a teen romance all woven together. It's awesome. And, the next book in this series, Beautiful Darkness, is out in stores. So, there's zero wait!

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