Giveaway: 400 Followers!

I am feeling so very fortunate right now. This is a time of year where I am often very reflective and want to thank those who have made a positive contribution to my life. Usually, I do this with gifts. I can think of no better way to thank my followers, readers, contributors to this blog than to give the gift of books.

Rather than give out books that I read and loved this year, I am going to give away the ones that got away. Yup. There were a bunch of great books (I hear that they're great anyway) that I've seen reviewed on all sorts of blogs and have wanted to read, but have never gotten around to buying and reading. So, I'm going to give them to you!

Because this giveaway is meant to celebrate my 400 followers, I am going to give away 4 books.
Here are your options:

All you need to do to enter this contest is to:

-Make sure you're a follower of this blog-
-Leave a comment telling me about a book that I should have read in 2010-
-Fill out the form below-