HUGE Giveaway Alert: Happy Haul-idays from Chronicle Books

Post a list of Chronicle Books valued at up to $500 that you’d like to haul in, and you’ll be automatically entered into a drawing to WIN your list of books! And, one of your readers who comments on the post will win the list too!
Last day to submit entries is December 10th!
Wow! This is an amazing opportunity. Think of all the great books that I could get for my classroom shelves. I went to the Chronicle site and found these gems that would surely make my high school students excited to read. Here are some of the books I'd choose if I were to win this prize. And, make sure to comment (and/or write your own post) so that you can win too!

And, there about twenty other selections that I took pictures of for this post. But, I'll spare you all of the options. What do you think of these? I know that these will either get kids reading or help me teach. Either way, let's hope that you and I win together!