Dewey's Read-A-Thon: Hour 17 Update & Mini Challenge

Phew. Done listening to Tell Me a Secret by Holly Cupala on audio. Amazing. It truly does make a difference to hear a book rather than read it silently. Some readers add so much to the story through their use of intonation. Loved it.

The mini challenge for this hour (from the Midnight Book Girl blog) asks participants to write a **fake** proposal to ban a book that we've read. I'm going to go with Tell Me a Secret, because it's on my mind and because my brain is all haywire right now. Fuzzzzz.

 Mini Challenge *FAKE* Book Ban Proposal

Tell Me a Secret, a book about a girl with loose morals and ambiguous thoughts, should not be placed in hands belonging to impressionable teens. First, the main character's sister is dead. That alone is just too sad for the average teen to deal with. Why read about it?

Furthermore, the main character's parents are completely clueless and are basically not there for their daughter. This not a responsible portrayal of parents nowadays. Children need to read books about parents with morals and values. Adults have all of the answers, and that's where the main character should've started. She never would've ended up in such a delicate state if she were a better daughter!

And, this leads me to my second to last point. In this book, a teen girl gets pregnant. I know. Aren't girls going to read or listen to a book like this one and use it as a manual on how to get pregnant? Even though the main character has a horribly painful social life, her relationship with her parents tanks, and she is abandoned by her boyfriend and best friend as a result of her pregnancy, girls might want to get pregnant after reading it! Shameful.

One more thing: That cover. Soft-pornography if I've ever seen it! (Which I never, ever have. I swear!)

In sum, this book ends without any real solutions. Shouldn't books all end on a sunny note? Do we want teens who feel discouraged when they learn that life is not full of happiness and rainbows? I think not.

**Again, FAKE. Loved this book. Rush out and read it. Just don't blame me 
if you get pregnant after reading it! You have been warned!**