Book Review: Hush, Hush

I don't know what it is about the state of Maine that has inspired some creepy, paranormal YA plots as of late. Actually, maybe I do know. Unnaturally cold temperatures, days-longs snowstorms, and unpredictable weather may add some mystique and room for weather-driven plot twists. Add to this the typical stand-offish Maine population, and you might just have the perfect recipe for a paranormal romance.

Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick is just plain awesome. The writing is engaging and the setting feels real (I can attest to this from firsthand experience!). The main character, Nora, is not a suffering damsel in distress. She is feisty and adventure-seeking and more than a little headstrong. I love this about her.

At first, when Nora meets Patch, the story feels like it's going to be a Twilight-remake. Not true. Quickly, you start to wonder if Patch really does have Nora's best interests in mind. And, there's this other boy who seems too sweet and too pushy all at the same time. 

I have read some really, really bad reviews of this book. As in, a lot of people really didn't like it. Most of these reviews are on amazon. I do read a lot of reader reviews before purchasing books and sometimes these reviews sway my purchases. I just cannot afford to be too wrong too often about books, because I already spend so much on books. There are only so many beans and rice dinners my husband will eat before he questions my spending habits.

But, if you're thinking of not reading or buying this book because of the negative reviews you've read, please consider that I absolutely loved this one. And, I am not a huge sucker (forgive the pun) for paranormal romances. It's not my favorite genre of YA. This was incredibly entertaining. I read it in less than two days. No regrets!