48 Hour Book Challenge: The Finish Line

I'm sad to say that my time is up in the 48 Hours Book Challenge (hosted by the Mother Reader blog). I had a great time, survived a huge thunderstorm, a tornado, and a birthday party at my mother-in-law's house. (Kidding! It was totally fun!)

Here's a tally of how I spent my time during this challenge:

I read three YA books, start to finish.

I finished one book that I had already started.

I started my June book club selection, but did not finish it.

I started reading a book aloud with my husband.

I wrote two book reviews.

I read 100 pages of literacy-based standards craziness for a grad class. 

I wrote several "update" posts. 

I met many new bloggers and commented on lots of blogs.

I gave $10 to a Donors Choose project from my state.

Total Hours/ Minutes: 18 hours, 40 minutes (not bad!)

End Time: 9:30pm EST.