In My Mailbox (3)

The In My Mailbox meme is hosted by Kristi of The Story Siren. It's an awesome way to share the books and swag you've received in your mailbox with other bloggers and readers. If you want to participate, you can link your post to The Story Siren so that others can see your mailbox goodies!

This week, I received three books in my mailbox. This may confuse some, because I've only shown two of the three books. Well, as it turns out, one of the titles is for the last meeting of the (school) year for the Chick Lit Book Club. Every year, we have a special door prize. So, I can't quite divulge the title hear, lest it ruins the surprise for one the Chicks who happens to read my blog.

The two books in the this picture are not secret. They are:

Party by Tom Leveen. I have been full of nervous excitement to read this book. This is probably due to a book trailer that I watched before receiving it from Teens @ Random. I first saw the trailer posted on the La Femme Readers blog. I'm sorta scared to read it right now because I know that this is the time of year when a lot of my students, especially seniors, are going to parties and celebrating graduation. This book follows eleven characters, and I don't think that it's all about the good choices they're making at this party. But, I will read it. Maybe it will help me to caution some my students out of their recklessness?

Hurry Down Sunshine: A Father's Story of Love and Madness by Michael Greenberg. This is a title that I ordered online for an adult book club that I belong to. The title does not make the subject matter seem very chipper, but the blurb on the back compares it to Girl, Interrupted (which I loved). I don't remember who chose this book for our club to read, but I love the variety of books we select. Everyone brings titles that are on their radar and we select our titles for six months or so. This is a good way to divvy up choices so that people's suggestions are chosen and to enable members to purchase selections ahead of time. We've read a lot of books over the past six years!

I've decided that I'm going to include a picture of my dog, Shady, in this meme every week. He is my little man and is almost ten. I think that it'll be cool to be able to have a record of his participation in this meme as well. He escorts me up and down and all around our yard and driveway whenever I want to go. He is never bored by this and always wants to join in the fun.

Today, we had a big event while taking a picture for this post. A car came! This almost never happens because we live in the middle of nowhere on a dead end road. Here is Shady's (adorable) reaction: