Giveaway: Harry Potter Box Set

The entire Harry Potter series is out on paperback! And, Pop Culture Junkie is giving it away for free to one luck winner! I have to admit that I have not read a single sentence of any of the series, but I have seen the way that these books have influenced my students. I am a bit of a reformed reader in the sense that I used to gravitate toward realistic reads more than fantasy or sci fi. Now, I am a much more eclectic reader and love fantasy novels. (Sci fi is still a little rough for me.)

The Harry Potter series is really the first (since I've been a teacher) that has moved students to read hundreds and hundreds of pages in a series. Now, I've been through a couple of popular series, but these have dropped by the wayside and did not necessarily have the universal appeal of the Harry Potter series. Sure, some of my male students read the Twilight series, but more have read the Harry Potter one.

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