De-Cluttering My Blog

Casey at A Passion for Books is hosting today's assignment for the Clear Away the Clutter Read-A-Thon. The assignment asks participants to think about/ list/ start de-cluttering and organizing our blogs. This is an important task and it's great that this challenge is being offered during spring, because this is when I feel most like organizing and clearing away stuff.

Here are my goals for de-cluttering my blog/ work pile associated with my blog:

1. Write book reviews (I have several that need to be written)

2. Write posts in advance for the rest of the National Poetry Month-related activities/ sites/ book reviews

3. Check on the commitments I've made to other challenges and see whether or not I'm in line for successfully completing said challenges by the end of the year

Phew. That's a ton of work. At least it's Friday and I am now on my own time and not supposed to be doing school work!