The Persnickity Snark FIVE Challenge: FIVE Great Author Moments

Today's assignment from the Persnickety Snark asks bloggers to think about the great author moments they've had in 2010. I haven't actually met any authors because I live in the middle of nowhere, but I have had a lot of great author interactions over email and through my blog. So, rather than talk about in-the-flesh moments, I'm going to pay tribute to those authors who have contributed to this blog or my classroom in some way.

Holly Cupala, author of Tell Me A Secret

Kersten Hamilton, author of Tyger, Tyger

Mindi Scott, author of Freefall

Catherine Ryan Hyde, author of Jumpstart the World (amongst other books)

Swati Avasthi, author of Split

All of these ladies contributed greatly to this book blog. I loved interacting with them and learning more about the people behind these awesome books. My recommendation of their books to my students are much more honest and well-rounded after having had conversations with these women.

Thanks, ladies. You are a huge inspiration to me and my students. And, you're always welcome here!