The Out With A Bang Readathon: Start Reading!

I've just woken up (rather late), checked my google reader, stacked my books, made coffee, and I'm ready. I have the following reads lined up for today's Read-A-Thon session:

Not YA, I know. But interesting nonetheless. I'm reading it for a book club that I belong to. Our meeting isn't until mid-January, but I started this book last night and am hooked. I actually had weird DNA dreams/ nightmares all night long.

Speaking of nightmares, this book starts out so very scarily. My husband and I are reading this (aloud) together, so I won't make a ton of progress, but we're good for 25-30 pages per evening. It's great so far.

And, I'm listening to this book on audio. So far, I'm a tad creeped out by the reader. I'm definitely not loving it. But, I'm only about 20 minutes into the book, and I'll definitely keep listening whenever I need to get up from another book and move. I think I would've liked to have read this on my own without the weird adult-pretending-to-be-child voice. Oh well.

I may or may not read something entirely different from these books. I am crazy like that. 
Happy readings, all!