The Persnickity Snark FIVE Challenge: The Great Series of 2010

I've decided to join the Persnickety Snark in her FIVE Challenge. Basically, there she has established a list of categories for each day leading up to the new year. Here are the lists that she has planned:

December 21 - 5 Great Debuts
December 22 - 5 Great Covers
December 23 - 5 Great Series
December 24 - 5 Great Re-Reads (books you've LOVED so much you went back for more)
December 25 - 5 Most Anticipated (2011 titles)
December 26 - 5 Hopes for YA in 2011
December 27 - 5 Great YA Movie Deals
December 28 - 5 Great Author (in the flesh) Moments
December 29 - 5 Great YA Bloggers
December 30 - 5 Great Miracles that Occurred to Get Me Reading More (choose your genre)
December 31 - 5 Best Titles for 2010 (which I double because 5 is too hard)

Here are my FIVE selections for Great Series 2010:

 These are some of my favorite series books for 2010. Again, and I'll say this every time, there were so many more series books that I loved this past year. I do love books in a series and am quick to feel attached to characters and worlds that authors have worked hard to make real-feeling. These series are all fairly different in their tone and their plots, but they all have great characters and solid plots. Love them! Can't wait to fall in love with more series books to replace the ones that finished in 2010.

If you're interesting in linking your top FIVE lists, visit the Persnickety Snark!