Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Persnickity Snark FIVE Challenge: The Great Covers of 2010

I've decided to join the Persnickety Snark in her FIVE Challenge. Basically, there she has established a list of categories for each day leading up to the new year. Here are the lists that she has planned:

December 21 - 5 Great Debuts
December 22 - 5 Great Covers
December 23 - 5 Great Series
December 24 - 5 Great Re-Reads (books you've LOVED so much you went back for more)
December 25 - 5 Most Anticipated (2011 titles)
December 26 - 5 Hopes for YA in 2011
December 27 - 5 Great YA Movie Deals
December 28 - 5 Great Author (in the flesh) Moments
December 29 - 5 Great YA Bloggers
December 30 - 5 Great Miracles that Occurred to Get Me Reading More (choose your genre)
December 31 - 5 Best Titles for 2010 (which I double because 5 is too hard)

Here are my FIVE selections for Great Covers 2010:

These are some of my favorite covers of 2010. I haven't actually read all of these books, but I have the ones that I haven't read on my TBR. But, this challenge was about eye candy, not about reading, right? There are, of course, more covers that I loved this past year, but these are in my top five. Wonder what yours were. There are probably a bunch that I'm not even remembering that I loved!

If you're interesting in linking your top FIVE lists, visit the Persnickety Snark!


  1. Zombies and Unicorns ALMOST made my list for this year. I couldn't even narrow it down to five! Also, I love the Marbury Lens cover, too!

  2. wonderful choices! i do like the contrast in Zombies vs. Unicorns, and i rly like THe Marbury lens as well! it was so hard to narrow choices down to five, haha :)

  3. Those are great covers! The Marbury Lens looks so creepy, and Paranormalcy just rocks! My favorite for the year is the cover for Lesley Hauge's Nomansland.

    Julie (Manga Maniac Cafe)

  4. Ooooh, I do love the Zombies vs. Unicorns cover! It's just so unlike anything else that came out this year. Great list!

  5. Paranormalcy was almost on my list. The Zombies vs. Unicorns cover is great. I wish the front pictures were cutouts so the background showed through though.

  6. These are all great! Paranormalcy was one of my runner-up choices---such an awesome cover! I can't wait to see what the second book looks like!!



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