The Holiday Break Reading Challenge: Books Involving Christmas

Before I start this next assignment in The Holiday Reading Challenge (from Karin the Librarian), I'll admit that I have not read a lot of books that revolve around Christmas. I love love love Christmas, but I don't always love reading about it. This is a situation I'm trying to remedy. This year, I signed up for the Holiday Reading Challenge at All About {n} and read three Christmas books. That's a good start, I think!

But, my all-time favorite Christmas book is one that I've read about a dozen times and have seen performed live three times. You're probably thinking that it's A Christmas Carol. Quite the opposite, really. It's David Sedaris's Holidays on Ice.

Yes, the cover is tilted. And so are the stories. It's really super-duper, laugh-out-loud funny. When I've watched it performed live at my favorite local theater, The Portland Stage Company, I literally laugh so hard that I cry. And it's not a pretty cry.  The door to the stage always warns that this play is for "Mature Elves Only," and they mean it.

Here's the promotional poster for this play:

If you're at all a David Sedaris fan, you should read this book! You won't be sorry!