The Persnickity Snark FIVE Challenge: The Great Re-Reads of 2010

I've decided to join the Persnickety Snark in her FIVE Challenge. Basically, there she has established a list of categories for each day leading up to the new year. Here are the lists that she has planned:

December 21 - 5 Great Debuts
December 22 - 5 Great Covers
December 23 - 5 Great Series
December 24 - 5 Great Re-Reads (books you've LOVED so much you went back for more)
December 25 - 5 Most Anticipated (2011 titles)
December 26 - 5 Hopes for YA in 2011
December 27 - 5 Great YA Movie Deals
December 28 - 5 Great Author (in the flesh) Moments
December 29 - 5 Great YA Bloggers
December 30 - 5 Great Miracles that Occurred to Get Me Reading More (choose your genre)
December 31 - 5 Best Titles for 2010 (which I double because 5 is too hard)

Here are my FIVE selections for Great Re-Reads (Books I read and then decided to teach/ use in the Chick Lit Book Club) 2010:

I now teach both The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, so I get to re-read these titles every year!

I re-read this book in 2010, listened to it on audio (brilliant!) and wrote a grant to get copies to teach. I'm teaching it right now to my seniors. They're loving it!

I will be teaching this amazing World Lit selection to my sophomores this coming year. Great selection to help us understand what life is like for impoverished children around the globe. 

This read was a huge hit for our first Chick Lit Book Club meeting of the year.  The girls were outraged that forced marriages go unpunished in our society. Lots of great discussion!

We read this book for our November selection for the Chick Lit Book Club.  The discussion, the questions, the insights that came out as a result of reading this book were some of the most powerful that I've listened to in my five years of running this club. Great for mature YAs who want to discuss bullying, identity, and violence in our society. 

*    *    * 

 These are some of my favorite re-reads of 2010. I don't re-read a whole lot of books when I love them--I usually just find a way to teach them or include them in the Chick Lit Book Club. That way, I get to re-read and share them with my students and the cute little Chick-ens of our book club. When I love a book, I want others to love it too. What better way to be excited about teaching and learning than getting to be passionate about great reads?!

If you're interesting in linking your top FIVE lists, visit the Persnickety Snark!