The Holiday Break Reading Challenge: Busting Bookshelves

Today's Holiday Break Reading Challenge asks participants to show off their bookshelves. Mine are definitely overfilled, an issue I hope to remedy by cleaning out some of the books I've carried around for years and by reading lots and lots over the holiday break.

I have more books at school. Lots more. Probably a thousand or so. But, I put those where students can get them. I try not to keep too many of my books at home because that means that students won't have access to them. I don't really hang on to books once I've read them. I'd rather pass them on to someone else who might enjoy them.

Here are my two (overstuffed) home bookshelves:

I do have a system of organization of these books, though it may not appear that way to anyone else. ARCs and books for review, YA that I need to read for my classroom, adult books for my two book clubs, American lit, multicultural lit, Brit lit, poetry, and teaching books are all kept together in different spots. It's a mess, but it's my mess. So it works.