Winner, Winner, Winner--Yup, Three of 'Em!

I have three giveaways that have just ended. Instead of creating three posts, I'm combining them all into one neat little post. I wish that you all could win something because you're oh-so-fabulous, but there can only be three. Actually, I lied. There are going to be FOUR!

I am going to give away an extra little goodie to one entrant from the Speak giveaway. I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of great answers to my question: What cause or issue would you SPEAK OUT for? So, I'm going to add-in a little "I Read Banned Books" button. I hope the person who wins it will sport it with pride!

Here are the names of the three four winners:

Winner: Gaby, who chose this quote for her mock wedding invite: 
"Love is friendship set on fire." --Jeremy Taylor 

Winner: Erin, who gave this response to the question: Why do we need writers like Ellen Hopkins?

"It's poetry. She writes beautiful poetry about intense subjects. We need books like this because it enlights us to the ways of the world. Sad stories usually show preseverence or give examples of what not to do. Words are beautiful no matter what the exent is." 

Winner: Gabrielle Carolina, who will SPEAK OUT for:

"I will speak out for the destitute, for the starving, and the orphaned. I will speak out for those, who can’t yet speak for themselves. I will speak for those who can’t escape their own minds and I will speak until everyone is crying out on their behalf."

Winner: Kristina, who will SPEAK OUT for:

"I speak up for the banning of books, really. More specifically, the banning of books that have personally helped me or a friend overcome something. The idea of banning a book that I personally connected to gets my blood boiling.

I also speak up for issues like depression and social anxiety disorder, the latter of which no one really understands and refuse to diagnose as a serious symptom in relation to school or real life.

Actually, I retract both my statements. I speak up for my opinions, any and all of them. If I feel a certain, strong way for something, I will say something. There used to be a time where I was like Melinda -- I was closed off, and would not speak for the life of me. That changed after I read the book: it affected me so profoundly. So now I will speak up for anything I believe in."

*   *   *
If you did not win this time, please stop by in the next couple of days. I will be adding a Helluva Halloween Mini-Challenge Giveaway and I'll be hosting a couple of featured author giveaways. And, there is that cute little Dr. Seuss giveaway that ya'll could enter.