Book Review: Trance by Linda Gerber

Ashlyn and her sister, Kyra, have an ability that no one else seems to have. Every once in a while (could be once per day or once per month), they have visions. While they are having a vision, they go into a deep trance. In their trance, they see events that have yet to happen. And when they awake, they see that they have written lots and lots of equations.

Though Kyra and Ashlyn have the same ability, they do not have the same reaction to their trances. Kyra saw visions that led her to believe that something bad was going to happen to their mother. Ashlyn chose to silence her trances with alcohol. Then, their mother died in a tragic accident--an accident that Ashlyn caused.

Now, Kyra is gone. Ashlyn does not know where. Worse, her father has completely immersed himself in his work and pays little attention to Ashlyn. She feels totally and completely alone. And the visions are still coming. But, this time she plans to solve the mysterious clues and help to save a life rather than take one.

*  *  *
This is a  fast-paced, engaging read. I know next to nothing about numerology and have never had a vision of a future event, so this is completely foreign to me. Not foreign, though, is the idea that I'd want to save someone's life if I thought that I had the ability to. I think that we can all relate to Ashlyn's story in this way.

I think that this would be a high-interest read for anyone interested in numerology/ premonitions. It's not quite paranormal, but Ashlyn and her sister do have a special ability. The characters are interesting and fairly dynamic. I enjoyed it and read it rather quickly.

Trance is out in paperback in mid October.

**Read as part of an ARC tour from Good Golly Miss Holly**