Giveaway: Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss

A Dr. Seuss giveaway might seem a little out of place on my blog, but I assure you that it makes perfect sense to me. I use Dr. Seuss books and political cartoons in my high school classroom every year, and throw a huge birthday party for him every March 2nd to commemorate his life.

Why teach Dr. Suess? I use The Lorax when talking about the environment and censorship. I read Oh, The Places You'll Go to my seniors every year before they graduate. And, I use his political cartoons every year when teaching about the United States and WWII. Many students are surprised to learn that Seuss penned dozens of cartoons to raise awareness about fascism, the overblown fear of communism, the absurdities of racism and segregation, and the reality of what was happening to Jews in the Holocaust.

My point point in bringing all of this up is that Dr. Seuss is a writer for all ages. His books are not just for kids. So, when Random House contacted me about hosting a giveaway of Green Eggs and Ham, I was thrilled! And, there's an amazing contest going on at Random House where you can win $2,000 dollars and several other prizes. (I have at least one group of students who have planned a super funny and creative entry).

To enter my giveaway of a special edition of Green Eggs and Ham, all you need to do is leave a comment with the title of your favorite Dr. Seuss book. (I'll reveal my favorite when I announce the winner.)

Make sure that you leave an email address with your comment, or I will not be able to find you! 

This giveaway ends on November 3, 2010. (This is also the deadline for the contest on the Random House site.)