Mockingjay Countdown: Mini Challenge 5

Mini Challenge #5 from the Mockingjay Countdown asks something that I've wanted to talk about for a while. This challenge, hosted by Smitten With Books, asks participants to name a song that goes with either of the first two books in the Hunger Games series.

I don't know about any of you, but I love music. And I love books. Whenever I listen to a song on the radio or wherever, I can't help but think of connections to books I've read. When I first heard "Fake Empire" by The National, the world of the Capitol and the submissive denial of the citizens in the districts of Panem rushed into my head. In case you're not familiar, here are the lyrics.

In particular, I found that these lyrics tie-in with the first Hunger Games book:

Tiptoe through our shiny city
with our diamond slippers on

These lines remind me of the crazy opulence of the Capitol. The glitzy clean Capitol that thrives on commercialism and vanity as others in the country starve. The Capitol residents don't speak up because they're either unaware of what's going on or they don't care to lose their lifestyle. Either way, they "tiptoe" around.

let's not try to figure out everything at once
It’s hard to keep track of you falling through the sky

These lyrics remind me of the relationship between Katniss and everyone she keeps safe. She's always either supporting or thinking about the safety of her mother, Prim, Peeta, Rue, and even Gale and the other residents of her district.  It also reminds me of Katniss and Peeta's relationship, because there is nothing easy or natural about it. Much of it (especially on Katniss's part) is staged and planned to keep both of them alive.

we’re half-awake in a fake empire

This lyric is repeated throughout the song. To me, Panem is a fake, though deadly, empire. The "President" is not elected, the war that resulted in the Hunger Games and the reaping are unclear and probably falsified, the television and media coverage of District 13 are obviously fake. It seems that the person in power, President Snow, has the ability to manipulate truth and history for his own sake. The residents of this country cannot help but remain half-awake, unless they want to jeopardize what little security and peace they have. They are afraid and their fear keeps them from asking--demanding--access to truth and basic human rights. Until, of course, one little girl from District 12 awakens them...

What do you think? Is there another song that represents either of these books?

Here's the video for this song, if you care to listen: