Mockingjay Countdown: Mini Challenge 2 (Day 2)

For the second mini challenge of the day in the Mockingjay Countdown, participants are being asked to choose an animal that represents Katniss.

I don't know a whole lot about animals. The first time I saw a moose, I thought that it was a camel. (Friends who were there delight in retelling this story.) But, for some reason, the first animal that came to my mind seems to fit Ms. Everdeen perfectly. And no, it's not a moose. Or a camel.

It's a mink. An American mink to be exact. (Thank you, wikipedia!) Here are the reasons why Katniss would be an American mink (not to be confused with the European variety):

Has been prized for it's use in clothing = Katniss was applauded for her opening ceremony wear

Is hunted = So is Katniss

Needs protection from extinction = Katniss has just been rescued by Haymitch et al

Has found its way into the wild = Katniss knows her way around some woods

Basically killed off their European counterparts = Katniss is deadly in the arena

Small in size = Katniss is admits that she is not a big girl like Glimmer (whom she killed)

Brown to black in coloring = Katniss is from Distrcit 12, and resembles the typical gene pool there

Prey on small mammals, fish, birds, and like cheese and eggs = Is there anything Katniss won't eat?

Seldom found far from waterbanks and rivers = Where did Katniss choose to hide in both Hunger Games? Near water.

Very territorial = Loves her home and family

Most frequently killed by humans, not other animals = Let's hope not!!

If this is not a convincing list, just look at these pictures (my pick for the movie version of Katniss is on the left. A mink is on the right)(just in case you couldn't tell the difference!):