From Dusk Till Dawn Read-A-Thon: Progress Update

Last night was not productive. At all. Well, it was actually pretty interesting and entertaining, but not in a bookish sense. Because I go back to school this Monday, my husband and I decided to hang out with some friends and have a bonfire and cookout. It was great to hang out with friends, so not much reading happened!

Tonight, though, I am hoping to put in lots and lots of reading time. I love reading and it relaxes me, so what better way to get ready for a hectic bacl-to-school week than by reading?

I hope to finish Scott Westerfeld's Pretties tonight and start on another dystopian read so that I get as many entries into Presenting Lenore's Dystopian Reading Challenge as possible.  I will start reading at 8pm. I read 165 pages of Pretties on Thursday night, and that's where I'll pick up reading tonight!