Character Connection: Katniss Everdeen

The Introverted Reader has invited us to share our favorite characters. Check out her blog and share your favorites! **There may be some spoilers in this post, so be warned if you have not read the first book in the Hunger Games series!**

I am obsessed (just a little) with the Hunger Games. Most of this obsession comes from teaching this novel twice last year. There is nothing like teaching a book to get to know it inside and out. With every reading, I grew to love the book and the main character, Katniss Everdeen more and more.

Going into the Hunger Games unit that I'd prepared, I was a little nervous that Katniss would not be entirely relate-able to my seniors. I had a class filled with boys. And, these boys were rowdy. Quickly, though, my fears were assuaged when Katniss earned their respect. What did it? Her survival skills and prowess. 

I do not know much about hunting. Or fishing. Or survival, really. I'd be the first one to go in the Hunger Games if I were forced to take part. Katniss, though, she really knows how to put a meal on the table, avoid the peacekeepers, take care of her family, and is gorgeous all the while. (I think that a few of my boys had book crushes on her. They'd never admit it, but they got all smiley whenever she made out with Peeta!)

Even more than her skill, Katniss is honest and has high morals. She enters into a game that is corrupt and cruel and unfair and somehow makes choices that are respectable and true to who she is. Yes, she uses her connection with Peeta to help get sponsorship and to sway the audience, but she doesn't exactly use him. She cares about him. Lots of bloggers think (and hope) that they'll even end up together in the end. 

And, a true test of character comes in with her relationship with Rue. Rather than use Rue to her advantage (or kill her off after she's less useful), Katniss risks her life and her safety with the government to give Rue a proper sending off. Ultimately, this act helps the rebellion. But, this was not the reason behind Katniss's song and the flower arrangement. Unlike any other tribute, she cared about the life of someone in the games more than her own. 

I can't wait to see Katniss in book three of this series. I truly hope that she embraces her role as a leader of the rebellion and becomes a voice of change in Panem. She has power beyond her own understanding and is probably one of the best heroines I've ever met. Only twelve days left until we see her in action!