Sunday, August 29, 2010

Book Review: Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins (Spoiler Free)

I've waited five days and am now joining the fray. I'm posting my review of Mockingjay. I know that many of you have probably not finished this book yet, but some of you have. I have held off on reading many reviews of this book because I didn't want the opinions and words of others to influence my review. Because when I did peep at a few, I saw some negative reviews. And that's just not how I feel about this book.

I think that I've never looked forward to anything like I've looked forward to the release of this book. Maybe my wedding. But, I knew what was going to happen at my wedding. The end result was marriage. I wasn't so sure about Mockingjay. I was full of nervous thoughts going in: Would Katniss die? Would Peeta be turned into a droid of some sort? Is Haymitch going to betray Katniss? Would the ending be satisfying or would my final moments be spent in disbelief and anger?

Well, I wasn't let down. There was action, passion, sabotage, betrayal, war, chaos, love, underhandedness, happiness, and resolution in the last installment of this series. There were answers to most of my questions.  I'm not going to talk about any of the specifics of the plot, because with a series this mysterious and unpredictable, any reference to plot is a spoiled experience.

I am simply going to say that I loved this book and am hoping (against hope) that Suzanne Collins will revisit this storyline someday. Maybe a prequel? She could go back to the formation of Panem and tell the stories of those rebels who fought against the government and caused their citizens to be plagued with the Hunger Games? Just an idea. It'll probably never happen, but I really wish it would!


  1. ohhhh, how about a Haymitch prequel??? I want that story!!

    I've linked to your review on mine of the same, here:

  2. I absolutely loved Mockingjay! Wow! I can't remember the last time a book had me as emotionally absorbed as I felt reading Mockingjay. My review is here. (I tried to keep it relatively spoiler-free, but it does contain references to some specific plot elements.)

  3. i loved it too - but it was really full-on. had to remember to breath. plus i'll have to do a re-read soon. i was screaming through it and i'm sure there's lots of things i would pick up on better the second time through.

    well done articulating a review.

  4. AH! I haven't read it yet! I'm soooooo behind! I'm glad to read a positive review because I have read some negative ones! I'll come back after I read it! :)



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