Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer Break Reading Challenge (2)

There's still time to join in Karin the Librarian's Summer Break Reading Challenge. Head to her site to join in the fun! We're on our second assignment, which asks us to:

1. Choose a book or book series.
2. Locate either the book reviews you've written or the publisher's book descriptions for the book(s) you chose.
4. Click on CREATE your own.
5. Copy and Paste the text of the reviews or synopses in the first box on the page.
6. Click Go.
7. Play with the Font, Layout, and Color until you get a look you like.
8. Click on Save To Public Gallery at the bottom right of the page.
9. Fill out the information for the Title and click on Save.
10. Find a way to save the picture or copy the HTML code to paste into your blog post and display it on your blog post for this activity.
11. Tell us what book(s) you used for the Wordle picture in the post.

For my wordle, I chose the Pretty Little Liars series. I have not read any of the books in this series, but have the first one on my nightstand and am going to purchase the boxed set soon. This set includes books 1 through 4 in this series of 8.

Why am I choosing a series that I've never read? Well, I wasn't sure that I would like this storyline at all, so I held off. Then the TV show came out and I am absolutely hooked. Now, I want to read as much as I can before I watch too much of the show. (I'm a reader that likes to have the book version first, then movies and shows and such.)

And, just look at the covers. Aren't they darling?

I love the whole Barbie-gone-bad approach to the series. I totally makes sense after watching a couple of the TV shows and reading reviews about this series. Truly, this seems like a perfect summer series. 

Here's my wordle, for which I used reviews from each of the 8 books in this series. Thanks, amazon!


  1. Yours turned out very cool! I love it.

  2. Your Wordle is absolutely fabulous. I've read the first 4 books and loved them. I need to keep going though. I'm sure they are just as good. Thanks for sharing.

  3. ow wow that turned out great..i so need to read pretty little liars i have heard so much about the series

    The Blog

  4. wow yours turned out great. I love that the title is so big

  5. I also always prefer to read the books first and then watch movies. I have heard of this series, but I did not know a lot about it. I am glad that you mentioned more about it.

  6. Love this wordle and I have to admit I have been tuning into the series, but haven't read the books. I do get the whole Barbie feel in the covers though.



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