In My Mailbox (7)

This meme is hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren. It's awesome, so feel free to join in!

This week, I received four books in my mailbox. I think that the post lady is getting a little tired of driving up my driveway and delivering these books to my door. Most days, I come home to a mailbox with stuff shoved into it. I don't want her to "go postal" on us, so maybe we'd better invest in a bigger box.

So, the four books I received are:

Madapple by Christina Meldrum: I used some Buzz Bucks at Random Buzz to purchase this book. So,it was free! I love the cover and think that the story, which involves mysterious deaths, pregnancy, religion, and is a suspenseful read should be a good one.

Contested Will: Who Wrote Shakespeare by James Shapiro:  I purchased this book online. I love reading about Shakespeare--I think that the more I know about this controversy, the better I am able to teach the plays written by this mysterious man--or whoever wrote them!

The Lighter Side of Life and Death by C.K. Kelly Martin: This book is an ARC and it was sent to me for review from Teens@Random. I love the cover because it looks like a good summer romance read. Romance is not my favorite, but I have more tolerance for it in the summertime. Maybe it's all of the pretty flowers and butterflies and such. I don't know.

How to Take the Ex Out of Ex-Boyfriend by Janette Rallison: This book is signed! I won it from Holly at Good Golly Miss Holly. I love this blog, and the book looks like a great beach read.

This week, I saw a few posts somewhere (I forget where--feel free to tell me if you know) where bloggers snapped a pic of their favorite spot to blog. I thought that it would be nice to snap a pic of my favorite spot, which is my picnic table. I love reading and writing here. This table sits at the top of our property in front of our house. My view is of our immense lawn, flower gardens, and if the wind if blowing just right, I can see two major mountain ranges. Western Maine is one of the most gorgeous places on Earth, and my yard is like Eden in the summertime. (It's a bit like Siberia in the winter.)

While I 'm reading or writing at my favorite spot, Shady and my gardens (both
food and flower) are competing for my attention. Every time I get to an emotional or a dull spot in a novel, I pay attention to one of these (welcome) distractions. The gardens are always in need of weeding, and Shady likes for me to throw his new favorite friend, Petey the Peg Leg Pirate Duck. I love summer!