On My Wishlist: Mary Poppins, She Wrote: The Life of P.L. Travers

I have honestly never thought about the person behind the Mary Poppins story. This is weird for me, because I always think about the author of a book. Always. I love reading biographies and autobiographies of authors. I just find it fascinating to find out about the person, life story, and inspiration behind my favorite stories.

Perhaps this is the reason that I never thought about the person behind the Mary Poppins books: I've never read any of them. Sure, I've seen the movie adaptation a billion times. I can sing along to all of the songs and can even quote word-for-word from some of the scenes. I loved that movie as a child and have even watched it a few times as an adult. It never gets old.

Apparently, though, the book is not like the movie. You're shocked and surprised about this, I'll bet. And, there were apparently some bad feelings between P. T. Travers and Disney during the book-to-movie adaptation process. Again, you're shocked. But, it seems that this woman lived an interesting life and had a horrible childhood. Maybe Ms. Poppins is the nanny Travers wished for as a child? I don't know.

At the price that this book is listed for, it will probably stay on my wishlist for some time. But, that's the beauty and wonder of my wishlist. It only gets bigger and books get less expensive as the years go by. I can wait for this one, but I would still love to read it at some point!