One Week, Two Awards

This past week, I received my first two awards for this blog. It is such an honor for other bloggers to think of me when they pass on their awards. Today, I'm going to have the opportunity to share these two awards with other bloggers whose writing I admire.

The first award I received this week came from Cheryl of Wandering and Wondering through YA Lit. The rules of this award are to share seven things about yours myself and to pass the award on to 15 more blogs I've recently discovered. (I'm going to pass this on to 5; feel free to go back to 15 when you award others.) Here are seven random facts about myself:

1. I am a reality TV fanatic. That's basically all that I watch on television. It's all pretty trashy, but I love it.

2. As much as I watch TV, I love the outdoors and exercise most days. Usually, I'll go for a run, a bike ride if weather allows, but in the winter I go to the gym just about every day. I like Zumba the best at the gym.

3. I love to garden and have both flower and vegetable/ fruit gardens. My favorite plants are my blueberry bushes and my peach tree. Yum!

4. My favorite flowers are lilies. I have about six varieties on my property.

5. My most productive time of the day is the morning. I write a ton every morning and can barely put together a coherent thought after about 10pm. This is when I read.

6. I love dogs and don't like cats very much. Sorry! I'm totally allergic to both, but somehow dogs are worth the pills and hives and cats just aren't.

7. If I could change one thing about myself, I wold have a rockin' singing voice. Now, I sing and people run. No joke. I love music and admire performers. Maybe my next life?

Here are the five bloggers I am going to pass this award to:

1. Pages
2. Funky Fruit Book & Movie Reviews
3. Amanda Makepeace
4. My Cozy Book Nook
5. emilyreads

Now, onto the next award. This one was given to me by one of my favorite blogs, Bites. It's an edgy, interesting blog and talk about prolific! There's always something new on this site!

Again, I'm supposed to pass this on to 7 bloggers, but I'm going to do another 5. There are so many great blogs that I read every day, thank you all for posting so often. You are my favorite source for entertainment and information.

Here are the five bloggers I am going to pass this award to:
1. Une Parole
2. La Femme Readers
3. BookHounds
4. In the Library of Lady Violet
5. The O.W.L

Congrats to all of you. I thank you all for your writings and thoughts. You all rock.