Thursday, June 17, 2010

The HUGE TBR Readathon: Update (Day 3)

Day three allowed for some sustained reading of Jo Knowles' Jumping Off Swings. I was still reading at 11pm, which is deadly when you have to get up at quarter of six to administer and correct finals. But, trooper that I am, I managed to almost finish this ah-mazing book. I cannot wait to write the review for this book and share my thoughts!

Now, I am officially done with regular school (I start summer school next week). I should have lots of time this weekend to read and relax! Happy readings, readathon-ers.

1 comment:

  1. The book must be really good if you are staying up late to read it! I remember when I was a teen and my dad busted me for staying up till two a.m. reading. I look forward to your review of Jumping Off Swings.

    I kind of wish there was a reviewathon to participate in after the readathon because I am even more behind on reviews now! I hope you get plenty of reading time this weekend.



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