On My Wishlist: Bella Should Have Dumped Edward

One of the best aspects of the whole Twilight debate, in my opinion, is that there is a debate at all. Whether you think that the Bella/ Edward affair was a great romance or puke-worthy, I think that it is awesome that people care enough to feel passionately one way or the other. Because, in between arguments, people are reading. Thousands of pages. An English teacher's blissful dream!

I've read the entire series. Was I entertained? Yes. Did I think that these books were brilliant literature? Hardly. Do I think that Edward's dominance and control over Bella has influenced a generation of young adults to engage in risky relationships? I certainly hope not!

It is interesting that most of my students read this entire series last year during our SSR time (Silent Sustained Reading), yet not a single student read any of these books this year during SSR. Is that because most of them have already read the series? Maybe. I think, though, that as the movies have come out, the popularity of the series has decreased. It's like the opposite of the Harry Potter series. Those books seemed to gain in popularity with each movie release.

I am excited to read a variety of opinions from other bloggers--even though I've read a ton online already--in book format. Interesting topic and a great debate!