48 Hour Book Challenge: Update (3 Hours Total)

So, that plan to start Will Grayson, Will Grayson and intersperse a book club as I got "bored" or "tired"? Yeah, that didn't happen. I pretty much picked up this book 3 hours ago and could not put it down. I read in different locales, just to give my husband the impression that I was still alive and not ignoring him (though I pretty much was). I'd migrate from the couch to the picnic table. Once the mosquitos got bad, I even read while pacing up and down the driveway. (Faithful Shady dog followed me up and down and back again.)

I took a screenshot of my page where I'm leaving off for tonight. I'm sure that I'll wake up wanting to finish this book quickly. It's just too good.

Off to bed, filled with dreamy possibilities thanks to John Green and David Levithan! Thanks, guys!