Winner + Additional Contest: Our Alphabet of L-O-V-E, Inspired by David Levithan

Happy Valentine's Day! 

I'm writing to announce the winner of my giveaway of David Levithan's The Lover's Dictionary AND to encourage a more complete A-Z dictionary of LOVE. Here are your entries so far:

adoration: loving someone not despite their faults but because of them.
amore: Italian for love

amour: A love affair, especially an illicit one.
ardor: passion

biglove: when you have mad love for someone!
blessed: To know that there is someone out there that can share my good times, my bad times and all those wonderful moments in between.
bliss: the feeling of joy that you get sharing amazing moments with those close to you.
butterflies: the feeling you get in your tummy when you realize you are in love, and hopefully continue to feel for as long as you are in love.

cherish: to adore, protect, care for lovingly.
cherish: To hold someone dear to your heart. 
children: there is no greater love than what you feel for your children.
commitment: Realizing your stuck with your partner for life and dealing with it.
commitment: part of love is making a commitment to another person, committing your heart to them, and promising to be there and sticking to it.
companionship: To be by someone's side for the rest of your lives.
companionship: A feeling of bliss and serenity when you realise that not only do you adore your beloved but you also enjoy sharing every moment of your day with him.
compassion: Understanding you're mate and what they may be going through at any given time and understanding when they may feel a bit crabby.
compromise: the ability to understand that you aren't always right.
courtship: The act of dating, or before a couple is married.

devoted: Knowing that there is one person out there that will never have me turning my head to look at someone else and thing "I wonder...." and knowing that he feels the same way to.
devotion: love that is expressed through actions and words
devotion: giving your all for the one you love.
devour: As in "I'm going to devour you"....that's a little sexy, but still full of love.

embrace: An affectionate hug.
empathy: understanding of another's feelings: the ability to identify with and understand somebody else's feelings or difficulties.
enamored: in love, charmed, captivated.
enchanted: utterly delighted or captivated; fascinated; charmed.

faith: The confident belief or trust in the truth or trustworthiness of a person, concept or thing.
faith: Believing that no matter what happens, or how many things don't work out, God always has something better waiting for you.
fearless: To love with all your heart & not be afraid to fall.
*fearless: To be scared out of your mind, but falling in love anyway. Winning Definition!*
fidelity: You can't have a lasting relationship without it.
fond: Having a strong liking, inclination, or affection.
fondness: to like being around someone
forgiveness: the act of choosing not to hold past wrongs against someone ; is a necessity to stay in a long term relationship
forgiveness: as in, forgiving them when they do something really stupid like forgetting your birthday or valentines day.

giggles: A side-affect of falling in love (see Shivers, Groans, Gasps and Happy Dances) As in: Ursula found she suffered from the Giggles whenever Thomas was near.

hands: holding someone's hands and feeling butterflies in one's stomach.
heart: The symbol of love; the mascot. What you give to someone when you love them and trust that they'll treasure it always.

helpful: you aren't the only one that feels like everything is crashing down sometimes. be able to share with the one you love...and then be willing to make sure you do what you can to protect them
husband: A man who is loving, honest, fair, generous, empathetic, caring, affectionate, nonjudgemental and respectful of his wife. eg. My husband!

idolize: to love or admire too much.
infatuation: an extravagant passion for something. 
infatuation: A crush. An object of extravagant, short-lived passion.
infatuation: the can't hardly breathe, how am i going to make it through the day feeling
inspiration: the person who gives you all your best ideas/feelings/encouragements. Your love inspiration.
intimacy: Being close to your lover. Something that makes a relationship stronger.

lavish: you can never have too much much love.
love v.
1: willing the absolute good of another and
2: desiring good for yourself in return.
3: a constant exchange of affection and/or support between two people
(see also heroic and charity)
love: /lʌv/ Show Spelled [luhv] Show IPA noun, verb, loved, lov·ing.
–noun 1. a profoundly tender, passionate affection for books.

Mother/Mom/Mommy: a mother is loved the longest - from the time you are born. Mother will also love you longest, as she likely loved you before you were born!
Mother: no love on earth compares to that of a mother for her child.
Move: on over Bleep! He's mine!

nurture: nur·ture /ˈnɜrtʃər/ v. To care for another person and bring out the best in him/her; To satisfy one's craving for another person's love.

passion: A powerful emotion, such as love or joy.
passion: kindness and love together. 
passion: That love where your heart aches because you're so in love that it's hard to hold it in - you want to tell the world and you don't want it to ever stop.
power: having the support of the person allows you to have power and do things that you wouldn't normally.
precious: love is precious. It is valuable, and should be cherished.

rapture: An expression of ecstatic feeling.

sex: the showing of love between a husband and wife or partners.
share: Giving of oneself to another.
snookie: (NOT a reference to the Jersey Shore) - an affectionate term of endearment made in reference to a cherished loved one.
soulmate: The magical connection between two people that lasts a lifetime and beyond.
squishy: my niece's nickname, because she loves hugs
support: n. 1) the act of showing encouragement 2) Giving aid to one financially

tenderness: loving someone with affection, honesty, and caution to their feelings.
treasure: Something you find that is of high value or priceless. Your significant other is a treasure.
trust: To hand over your heart, the most fragile yet vital part of you body, to a guy, expecting him NOT to break it. 

unconditional: When you love someone its no matter what. You accept flaws and all.
understanding: To be able to comprehend one's actions and thoughts.
union: The combining of two spirits, two souls.

worship: so much love that you would worship and do anything for the person.

zeal: A feeling of strong eagerness (usually in favor of a person or cause)
zeal: Great warmth and earnest towards a person.
ziggy: my middle son's nickname, because he reminds me of ziggy and how his days are never just perfect, but I still love him.

The winner of this book is: Shahira 

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In related news...

We're missing entries for the following letters: J, K (really?), O, Q, V, X, Y. 

In the interest of creating a more perfect dictionary, I'm looking for some contributions to our list. I'll send on extra commenter a thank-you gift. Please leave an email. I'll keep this open for a day or two. 
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