Sunday, January 2, 2011

Reading Challenges: 2011

After careful consideration, I've finally decided which reading challenges I'm going to participate in for 2011. I participated in a few for 2010, but wanted to limit my choices this year to ones that are really and truly accomplish-able for my reading tastes and pace. Here are the ones I'm going to join in on this year:

This is probably going to give me the most difficulty, but I love zombie novels and have about four sitting on my TBR shelf right now. I just need six more (and to read them all) and I'm golden. Click here for more info and to join.

First and foremost, I am joining this challenge because the button is so darn cute! Also, I love to listen to audio books and have an hour commute back and forth to work every day.  I just joined and our school library offers lots of audio books, so I think I'll have enough to choose from. Click here for more info and to join this challenge.

While I was thinking of joining one audio book challenge, I came across a post about another one! How fun. So, to ensure that I listen to at least 12 audio books, I am joining another challenge. This one sounds like great fun and there are prizes. Click here for more info and to join.

I've already signed up for the Debut Author Challenge at The Story Siren, so I'm all set for that one. And, I've been reading books for the Contemps Reading Challenge that started this fall. There may be one or two more that I decide to join, but this is enough pressure for right now. Off to start reading!


  1. Best of luck with your challenges! :)

  2. I was super interested in the audiobook challenge, but I share a car with my husband and we don't share a ton of the same interests in our reading material. If you have an hour commute every day (Wow!) then that is PERFECT for you! Happy reading :)

  3. It looks like some fun challenges. I am going to look into the audio book challenges. I started listening to audio books in the summer when I commute for my 5 weeks of summer school.

    How does audible work? I have seen it listed on Amazon prices, but was not sure how it works. I guess I can check on its site as well.

  4. Hi! Thanks for joing the Zombies! Challenge! It's awesome that you already have a review done!! you go girl!! I DID see that the Mr. Linky is down. I went to the website but its doen too :( If this continues I'm going to have to figure out a way to keep track of the reviews... maybe google docs? Not sure. Hopefully it'll be back up soon! I'll keep in touch.

    Good luck for the rest of the challenges!!
    {And sorry for any inconvenience :( }


  5. Mrs. V.: Right now, it's $7.49 per month for the first three months. Then, it's like $15 per month after that. Each month you get one credit to use toward one book. Each book (I think) is one credit. I downloaded my first book (Room by Emma Donaghue) straight to my itunes. You can either burn discs from whatever program you download them into or listen from your computer. It's pretty easy. And cheap, as far as audio books go.

    Let me know if you join!

  6. Welcome to the 2011 Audio Book Challenge and thank you for joining. I think its going to be a lot of fun. I just discovered audio books a few months ago and I am HOOKED! I'm looking forward to reading about your selections.



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