Dreaming of Books Giveaway Hop: Welcome to My Giveaway!

I love to read, so I definitely daydream about books and having a huge library and all of that. But, more than this, I am a person who has chronic nightmares. Don't feel bad for me--I'm totally used to this and think it's just part of an overactive imagination that will someday lead to a really excellent novel.

Often, I will have graphic and disturbing dreams that are somehow based on whatever I read or watched right before I went to sleep. My dream can stem from a scary scene in a book, but can just as easily come from a seemingly innocuous TV commercial. (I once had a recurring nightmare about Mr. Clean. It was bad. I was probably 8 or 9 and this nightmare plagued me every night for months. I cannot purchase anything with Mr. Clean on it to this day!)

For my giveaway, I am going to order a couple of scary books. I haven't started this series, but I hear that it's pretty good and (at least) slightly disturbing. There will be two winners; one who hasn't started this series and one who has or who has the first book already. Here are the books:
To enter,  fill out the form below. This giveaway is international and is for all--followers and non-followers alike, international and folks from the US. If you'd like the extra point offered in the form for a comment, please answer this simple question:

What are your dreams like?

Contest closes at midnight (EST) on January 17th, 2011.

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