Thankfully Reading Weekend: Mini Challenge #3

 Today's mini-challenge for the Thankfully Reading Weekend asks participants to talk about the reading communities that they participate in. Lucky for me, there are three great reading communities that I am a part of. Here they are:

My Adult Book Club: I don't know why I call it an "adult" book club, except that we tend to read adult books. We have been meeting for more than 7 years at this point, and meet every month except August to chat about our book of the month. I love this club because I read a huge variety of books for it and it breaks my out of the YA genre for a little while. The ladies in this club have become good friends and we're definitely a great support for one another.

The Chick Lit Book Club: I started this club with our then Library Assistant five years ago. The purpose of this club was to get girls and women together to talk about a common YA read without any grades or schoolwork attached. I am happy to say that we are about 20 members strong at this point, and have read and discussed about 40 books over the years. (Look for a Chick Lit Book Club giveaway in my series of January Blogiversary events!)

My Online Blogging Friends: Over my (almost) one year of reading and reviewing for this blog, I have met some great people. I have a bunch of go-to blogs that I trust for reliable information, reviews, and commentary. I love this community! It's definitely allowed me to stay connected to YA lit lovers and to keep abreast of changes/ trends in YA for my students. I am a nerdy reader and love to share my passion for YA with others. Thanks, all! (And, look for a giveaway featuring my favorite book bloggers this January. Lots to come!)

Off to read some more for this reading celebration!