Happy Thanksgiving + Alice's Restaurant Massacre

Hello all! I know that today is Thanksgiving in the US and not in other countries, so life is probably pretty normal in other parts of the globe. Even though you all aren't celebrating with us, know that we are a nation full of thanks and best wishes on this day. It's actually a favorite holiday of mine, even though I spend most of it on the road. I've driven about 500 miles in the past two days, which is not super great for my carbon footprint, but necessary to see anyone remotely related to me. Such is life when you grow up and live far from home!

So, in the entirety of my commute, I did not hear the traditional New England Thanksgiving song, "Alice's Restaurant Massacre" by Arlo Guthrie this year. This is a huge oversight! I have listened to this song every year since I was a little tyke. I don't know if this is a traditional that is limited to New England, but it's played every year on Thanksgiving on most radio stations. All in good, morbid fun!

Because I missed it today, I'm going to listen to it now. And, I'm sharing it with all of you in case you missed it too! For those familiar (and unfamiliar) with this song, I hope you enjoy. Happiest of happy days to you all!