Book Review: Firelight by Sophie Jordan

Even though she's a Draki, Jacinda's ability to breathe fire is rare. In fact, there have been no fire-breathing Draki in Jacinda's pride for generations. Because of her special ability, Jacinda has earned a coveted spot in her pride, but when she puts herself in harm's way, the pride decides that it might be time to clip her wings.

Jacinda is not sure as to how far the pride will go to keep her precious genes safe, but her mother knows that they will stop at nothing. So, whether Jacinda likes it or not, their family is going to escape the rule of the pride. They are going to run to the relative safety and anonymity of the southwest. There, the dry weather will challenge Jacinda's ability to keep her Draki side alive and well. She may lose it altogether.

That is, until Jacinda meets a handsome and intriguing boy at school. Every time she is near him, her Draki flares up and comes alive. Which feels great, but what will happen if she transforms in the middle of the school? What if hunters find her? And, why does her body respond to this boy and this boy only?
*  *  *
I've read a lot of paranormal romances lately, but none like this. Lots of wolves and zombies and angels and such, but never a dragon. It's quite interesting to think about a dragon with human-like qualities. Also interesting is the idea that the Draki can die off if it is not maintained. I've read lots of paranormal tales where the enviornment influences whether or not one transforms, but don't remember reading any books where the paranormal can be killed off so easily with the human form surviving. Usually, it seems that the humanness in these characters is fragile. Not so in the world of this book.

I enjoyed this book. It was fresh and original and fast-paced. Whereas I've read lots and lots of wolf and vampire and zombie stories, this whole world was completely new to me. So, I didn't know the ins and outs of this world. It was kind of refreshing to explore this world.

Already, some of my students have expressed interest in reading this book. I did a book talk on Friday, and had a couple of ninth grade students who wanted to read it. I love it when that happens!