Fall Catch-Up Read-a-thon: Update

This is my first update for the Fall Catch-Up Read-A-Thon. I have been reading quite a bit considering the hectic week that I've had. Want to see what has distracted me from posting on this blog? Here are links/ images:

 The Farmington Fair: I go every year, if only to eat a dough boy (fried dough) and see where all of my students are disappearing to for an entire week of school. It's good rural Maine fun.

It's Homecoming week, which culminated last night with our big game against Lawrence. Go Cougars!

Today, I am headed far, far away to another fair. This one is completely different from the Famrington Fair. It's called the Common Ground Fair. It's an organic fair, filled with yummy food, political booths, and handmade clothing and accessories. It's something that I look forward to experiencing every year. I actually starve myself for about a day so that I can fill up on the amazing food.

And (finally) I am headed off to go apple picking and to (hopefully) survive a corn maze tomorrow. I've never attempted a corn maze (or any other really). If I never come back, it was nice knowing all of you!

And, I have read two books for this Read-A-Thon. They are 13 To Life and Sleepless. I have also read about half of Ellen Hopkins's Fallout and have started two other books. So, it's been a fairly productive week!