Book Review: Sleepless by Thomas Fahy

Thomas Fahy's Sleepless has plauged my dreams ever since I started reading it. I finished it in  a hurry last night, thinking that I might escape the vivid nightmares that have followed me since I started it last week. No such luck.

I am just like the characters in this book. The sweet and generous students who went to New Orleans to help rebuild after Hurricane Katrina. The same innocent teens who went there came back to their hometown completely changed. And not for the better.

You see, while they were in New Orleans, some crazy voodoo stuff started to happen. And then a minister was murdered. And when the students come back, the have horrific dreams. Death, murder, blood, killing. When they wake up, it turns out that they have actually committed the violent acts from their dreams. But they have no memory of actually hurting anyone.

Thus begins the horror story that has left me sleepless. This is a fast read and I recommend that you not take your time in reading it--Because they dreams will only worsen as you procrastinate! This is a perfectly scary book for Halloween. I read this book as part of the Readers Imbibing Peril Challenge, which is hosted by the Stainless Steel Droppings book blog.