BBAW: First Treasure

I did not participate in Book Blogger Appreciation Week last year. At that time, I was unaware of the amazingness that is this book blogging community. Sure, I had a couple of edu-blogs. I talked with teachers about super fun topics like vocabulary instruction and grammar. Super fun.

Little did I know that there was this whole other world happening. A world where grammar and vocabulary are used to describe fantastic, exciting young adult literature. And, who is responsible for showing me the light? Karin the Librarian.

I have no recollection of how I stumbled across her blog. But, I did. And the rest is my book blogging history.  Now, I am feeling like there are others out there. Not just the crazies who want to talk about literacy and education all of the time, but some honest-to-goodness book nerds like me. It's so refreshing and exciting.

So, thank you Ms. Karin. I still read your blog every time you post. You are my unwitting and probably unknowing blog-spiration.