Recreate the Cover Contest: Losing Faith

So, I'm officially addicted to recreating covers. Good thing that Princess Bookie keeps offering opportunities for me to do what I'm loving to do lately.

The latest cover re-creation contest asks participants to redesign the cover of Losing Faith by Denise Jaden. I love the original cover so much that it's hard to think about doing a better job than the original. But, after about an hour of searching, I think I found an image and a design that I can live with.

Here's the original cover:

Here's my re-creation:

So, here's my rationale for my cover. I read the description of the plot of this book and thought that it sounded a bit like an unsolved mystery. I think that this delicate, x-ray photo of this flower sort of gives the impression that something is being revealed. And, I love the way that the black and white color scheme (I played with the colors) makes the flower look ethereal. It's purty and mysterious. Good combination, I think!