Read Your Own Books Read-A-Thon: Mini Challenge

As part of the Read Your Own Books Read-A-Thon, Morgan at Smitten With Books is hosting a mini-challenge. For this mini-challenge, participants need to choose three main characters from whatever book they're reading and create a movie cast. How fun! And, there's an awesome giveaway attached to this activity. Here are my top choices for the three main female characters of Sarah MacLean's The Season:

Evan Rachel Wood as Alexandra: The central character of this book is stunning. She's not at all interested in marriage, but all of the men of the "season" are in love with her! After her first event, she wakes to a dining room filled with bouquets of flowers. I think that Ms. Wood would have this same effect on a room full of men!

Anne Hathaway as Ella: This character is described as a dark beauty, so I chose an actress with beautiful brunette locks. Ella is an interesting girl. Like Alex, she's not so interested in marriage, but she's not entirely uninterested either. She's more into solving the mystery that crops up almost as soon as the season starts: Who killed Lord Blackmore and why? Anne Hathaway has an intelligent look about her, so I think that she'd play this part very well. 

Anna Seyfried as Vivi: This girl attends the balls and dances of the season looking for "the one". She believes in true love and wants to feel completely and utterly swept off of her feet. In fact, her happily married father encourages Vivi to search for love rather than a title or large bank account. This is a pretty modern notion for 1815 London, but it makes Vivi more interesting as a character. What girl wouldn't want to find true love?

These are my choices. I can't wait to see what you're reading and who you'd choose in your movie cast! And, let me know what you think about my choices.